Why Multi level Marketing Sponsoring Is Thought To Be Difficult?

“Do I need to know and enroll a lot of people to be successful in MLM?” is a commonly asked question.

The frequent answer from most upline sponsors goes something like the following…

“No, you can build up a great residual income and become very successful in Multi Level Marketing by sponsoring just one person every month or two.

They go on to say that the people you sponsor do not have to be from the group of people you already know (commonly called your warn market).  They tell you to think about how many people you interact with in your everyday activities!

But then they turn around and tell you to jot down a list of everyone you know, even from a casual relationship.  They tell you to list everyone you can think of for example, people you work with, go to church with, people you do business with, people you went to school with, people you knew before you moved to your present location, etc. and you will be amazed by the number of people that end up on your list.

Will all or even most of these people join you in your Multi Level Marketing business? Probably not, but statistics show that one out of every one hundred names will make your car payment, one will make your house payment and one will retire you!

That’s really not so bad.  Three out of every one hundred is achievable, but you have to make the contacts.  As the saying goes, “the more you tell, the more you sell.”  Also, all the people on your contact list know other people and although they might not be interested themselves, they may refer your to others who will be interested.

Have you ever been turned down 97 times?  That is a lot of rejection.  And initially these rejections come from people you know, so the rejection is even harder.  Most people will not last that long.

How many people do you know who can go out and face 100 people they know and get rejected by 97 of them and just continue to keep plugging along trying to recruit or sell products to an disinterested market?

If you are lucky enough to sponsor someone who is currently a seccessful network marketer with correct skills, who brings along his established downline with him and becomes a “heavy hitter” in your company, then technically the answer given above can be correct.  If your company’s compensation plan is supportive, then that single recruit may be able to carry you along.

It is highly unlikely that you will be able to enroll a “heavy hitter” who can quickly go out and create a significant downline beneith you if you are only sponsoring “one person every month or two.”

This problem is discussed in detail along with 6 other problem areas in the downloadable free report, The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing.

So what might you do if you don’t want to face massive rejection and you aren’t going to be lucky enough to enroll a “heavy hitter” early on in your Multi Level Marketing career?

If you don’t want to be a member of the NFL (No Friends Left) club, then I would suggest not pursuing your friends and family, everyone you know, or anyone within 30 feet as many sponsors encourage.  No matter what they say, everyone is not your market.  Instead your target market is people who are specifically interested in starting a home-based business, earning extra money, are already members of some Multi Level Marketing company or are interested joining a Multi Level Marketing program.  Now the trick is to get them to come to you and then, using a soft sell approach instead of the traditional hard sell, enroll them into your program.

OK, so just how do I go about achieving that?”, you ask.

You accomplish this by first offering your target market a funded proposal or free report relevant to your market and developing a mailing or contact list from the funded proposal sales process.  You then develop a positive relationship with your list members through frequent contact and by providing them useful information.

If you have correctly identified your market, prospects will soon be calling you for guidance and asking how they can join your team.  So after you have read The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing free report and then be sure to go on to discover the secrets of effective MLM Recruiting methods made available with the use of Internet Network Marketing.