Why The Omega 8002 Juicer Beats All

The Omega 8006 Juicer isn’t just a juicer. It is just a multifunctional kitchen tool that can replace virtually all appliances with your kitchen. Its patented auger design also provides a 2 stage juice extraction. This generates a larger juice yield than traditional single stage auger juicers. The Omega 8006 juicer also delivers the longest warranty in the market, providing your juicer with 15 years of protection.

The Omega 8006, like other Omega juicers, can be a horizontal single gear masticating juicer. The motor utilizes a low rotation of 80 RPMs. This reduces heat buildup within the motor and reduces foaming and frothiness of juice. Juice lasts longer, and more of the healthy enzymes within your fruits, greens and vegetables are preserved. The Omega 8006 Juicer can also be durable and versatile enough to perform a variety of functions with the food prep.

Fruit and vegetable juice extraction: The Omega 8006 can extract juice from a myriad of vegetables and fruit without destroying the natural taste and benefits.

Blender: The Omega 8006 can chop or mince seasonings without destroying the taste and benefits. It can also be used to puree foods for healthy, preservative-free baby food or geriatric special diets.

Wheatgrass and leafy greens: The Omega 8006 extracts juice from all of these natural raw food sources without destroying natural taste and benefits.

Grinder: Grind flour, espresso beans and nuts easily with all the Omega 8006 juicer.

Pasta extruder: The Omega 8006 comes together with pasta nozzles. This allows you to quickly and easily make homemade pasta and breadsticks.

Soy milk extruder: Simple and conveniently extrude milk from soybeans for fresh, tasty soy milk.

Homogenizes: The Omega 8006 may make baby food, nut butters and frozen desserts including smoothies and frozen goodies.

With the Omega 8006, clear is really a snap. The truth is, many times, it takes more hours to organize your meal for juicing pc gives actually clean your machine. Every one of the parts can be removed and are made of a straightforward-to-clean material. There’s also no nooks and crannies for juice to acquire trapped in. Your Omega 8006 also has a brush for cleaning the screen. For the most powerful results, you must clean your Omega 8006 soon after using. This ensures preservation coming from all parts.

Juicing is really a lot faster using the Omega 8006. Special features built in to the product come about. The Omega 8006 was designed to conduct continuous juicing. It automatically ejects the pulp right into a special container. This eliminates constant stopping and cleaning. There’s also a built in reverse which enables to prevent clogging.

The Omega 8006 juicer is more than simply a juicer. It’s a full nutrition center. It enables you to provide your loved ones with healthy, raw foods at any time for the day with minimal clean up. The unmatched 15-year warranty ensures you could enjoy your machine for years to come minus the worry of broken or faulty parts.