by Russian TV Group

Inventions in technology come often, with every major company trying to beat the other to the finish line in the race for new inventions! As the world turns, new standards evolve, leading to the innovation of amazing products in the technological field. This is where online tv comes into the picture!



A few years ago, the concept of broadcasting television networks via the Internet was as foreign as landing on mars! As the years went by, this eventually become possible, and Hulu was the new face of Internet broadcasting. However, for all its hype, Hulu is merely a demand website that caters to broadcasting of major television networks. The next step in the race for the best is a newly evolved technology that offers broadcasting live in High Definition quality from your Internet browser!



According to recent studies, every house that has a television also boasts a personal computer. With this new technology in hand, phrase cable boxes will soon become obsolete. All one needs to watch online tv is a laptop or an Google TV like IPTV box with an internet connection and HDMI to connect it to that fit ultra-new flat screen! After you take a wee bit of effort to type the domain name of your favorite online tv station in your Internet browser’s address bar, you’re good to go! Grab a cold drink, relax in your easy chair and watch the best of entertainment today completely free of charge!



Internet TV’s one major advantage over cable: few advertisements in the rotation. This is due to the fact that there is plenty of additional space for advertisements on the website itself, but when you’re watching the entertainment channel, you can stretch it to full screen and not be bothered by the ads. Also, ads are fewer because broadcasting over the internet allows networks to do away with massive costs and payments to cable box and satellite companies which charge networks for broadcasting their channels to the public!



With this technology in hand, it is possible for anyone to start a TV network in the space of a few hours! Services such as Ustream.com or Justin.TV let anyone launch their own live online TV station within minutes. Based on the fact that anyone can create their own TV network, one can only imagine the amount of talent that is likely to pop out of the woodwork! If you’re a comedian and want to be a part of the revolution, why not get in touch with Fantastica.tv and let them know that you exist. They will be more than happy to show the world how good you are? Fantastica.tv is therefore a TV channel that is available wherever the internet is available, thus hailing the main objective behind the evolution of this technology, which is to succeed in making the world a global village.



As this technology evolves more around the world, internet users have a lot to look forward to the ability to watch not only their local television, but also the foreign tv broadcasts opening whole new world of news and shows that one have never seen in his country.


And as the world turns, remember that you’re a part of history as you witness live television completely move to a new home, the internet.