Wooden Floors: Cleaning Tips For Homeowners

There’s really something about timber flooring that makes a house more homey and cozy. Using wooden floors in the patio or in the kitchen and family room creates an inviting atmosphere where family and friends can gather around. Compared with modern flooring materials like tiles, wooden floors need a bit more care, though. Hardwood floors in traditional houses can stand the test of time especially when it’s properly maintained.

In modern cities like Singapore however, design trends can lead to the need for diverse flooring materials such as stone, vinyl, and synthetic flooring. While vinyl, stone, and synthetic flooring are becoming a common sight in urban homes, wood flooring Singapore manufacturers still got a lot of customers inquiring and buying timber wood. After all, nothing beats the feel of warm wood on your barefoot.

When it comes to maintaining the beauty of timber flooring, prevention is the key so you should know the do’s and don’ts of cleaning wooden floors. This will help you avoid causing unnecessary damages to your wooden floors. To keep indoor and outdoor timberworks beautiful, make sure it is free from scratch. Moving heavy furniture on uncarpeted wooden floors causes deep and ugly scratches on wood surfaces. This can be prevented by using protective pads for furniture legs. Make sure also to use only cleaning agents that are safe for your hardwood flooring. If you are not sure what cleaning material to use, contact your timber flooring Singapore supplier.

In addition, keep in mind that sunlight may result to fading of wooden floors. In a tropical area like Singapore, sunlight could be a major problem. Hard wood flooring needs area rugs to protect it from complete and constant exposure to sunlight. Keep the rugs positioned on areas that are constantly exposed to sunlight to prevent discoloration.

Furthermore, sweep dirt and grit immediately as they could cause tiny scratches on your floor. Vacuum regularly and use electro static mops to make sure all the dirt are collected. Place rugs on foyer and hallways as these areas receive the most foot traffic.

Any concern timber flooring Singapore manufacturer would tell you that wooden floors require a little extra effort to maintain its beauty. But it sure pays off in the end when you get to enjoy your shiny wooden floors even after decades have passed.

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