Working Conditions After Recruitment

The council is an institution that aims to represent the interests of employees of a company. The council has been established for all companies with more than 50 employees. It is organized by a group of people including the CEO or his representative and staff representatives elected by employees. Representatives of trade unions are also often present in the works.

The works council is responsible for managing all the social and cultural activities of the company. It is funded by grants from the company and then takes care of organizing all kinds of events for staff. It also serves to provide a number of benefits to employees.

These benefits occur most often in the form of gifts of works. For example, cinema tickets cheaper or refunds in the cultural … Some companies offer committees of staff at Cheap holiday apartments or the possibility for children of employees to go to recreation center.

Large companies with multiple establishments are central works council and works councils. The Committee consultation is possible by all staff of the recruitment Agency . The works, as the union, communicates mostly through documents distributed to all staff.

There is always a continuity of works to facilitate consultation by employees. Finally there is a directory of works available on the Internet. This gives you the coordinates of all the works of Australia and many other countries as well.

Working conditions vary depending on where you work, your position and professional environment where you are. However, working conditions are governed by laws.

Firstly, when you start a job, you sign a contract. This contract is signed between an employer and an employee, and sets conditions. Everyone will then follow. It sets the number of hours worked, salaries, rules to follow in the course of work.

These employment contracts are not made haphazardly: they are based on a collective agreement. Each type of activity is governed by a collective agreement. This agreement is the basic rule to follow. If the contract terms are not met by the employer, the employee can defend and enforce its rights through trade unions. They are indeed the representatives of employees and exist in all professions. Working conditions are variable, but framed by rights and laws.

The job market is becoming more tense, we can less and less demand our working conditions. However, it is important not to accept and value all the rights that we acquired.