written by: KM5678

If you are considering getting new shingles for your home, or replacing your old shingles–the time has come to make it work. Coming February 4, 2013–shingle manufacturer’s will probably be incorporating price increases. This means any product for residential roofing shingles shipping following February 4th date could have additional charges for materials.

This price increase typically takes place every spring. However, as a result of Hurricane Sandy combined with the delays in shipping, in many to the rise in oil and gas prices–costs will be increasing a good deal earlier around.

Since it isn’t fun to rush–that could be the best choice if you need to lock with the current economic prices.

There’ll be a ten-13% increase for Owens Corning shingle roofing products and accessories effective February 4, 2013. A Ten% increase on strip shingles and accessories as well as a 12% increase on laminate shingles was announced by GAF. TAMKO Building Products raises their rates by 10-14% on residential and commercial roofing products including cement, coatings, Metal Works shingles and waterproofing products.
A Ten-14% boost in costs could mean the gap of the brand you decide to use, and also your color options. Shingles are probably the most favored roofing choices because of the attractive look, durability and expense-effectiveness. They are presented in several materials from asphalt to paper backed with tar. They are located in a big amount of colors which could easily provide your home design a direct pop of color. Furthermore, these are relatively simple to put in, so that you can hire an attorney, but you can also are able to install them yourself if you possess background to do this.

Most contractors expect price increases because of this industry every year. However, the first sort date may leave homeowners with few choices as people scramble to get shingles inside their current rates. Many times stores like Lowe’s or Lowe’s depleted of inventory before February 4, 2013.