7 Easy Ways to Travel Light Without Stress

Here are 7 easy ways to travel Light and really enjoy your trip over seas. Often we are just so tired and drained of energy when we arrive that we dont enjoy ourselves. This list of 7 easy ways to travel light should solve your problems.

1: Take only the clothes you are going to need. That means no more than two pairs of shoes if you are a woman. It also means that you leave everything that is a maybe at home. If you are desperate for something new to wear while you are away, have a splurge and buy something new. Only take the smallest handbag if you need to take one at all. One way to cut way down on the number of clothes is to take only black and white or black only with some small colorful accessories. When you pack do what the flight attendants do and roll your clothes. This way they will take up less room in your bag and will not arrive crumpled.

2: Leave the Laptop at home. Dont take a Laptop unless you are going for business. Even though you can buy some quite small Laptops they are still very cumbersome to travel with. Going through security at airports with a laptop is a pain. At every check point you have to take it out of its case and then put it back in after wards. This can be quite stressful by the time you have also taken off your shoes, belts, jackets and jewelry. Its just not worth the hassle.

3: Take only hand luggage. If you can, travel with only hand luggage. You can waste so much time waiting for baggage to be checked in, then waiting for the carousel start up after embarking, and add on top of that all the time and energy you spend looking for your bag and getting it off the carousel.You can now be one of those people who just sail through security, immigration and customs first with out a care in the world.

4: Leave the children at home. Dont fly with kids unless you absolutely have to. They take so much time and energy. They hate being stuck in a plane for long periods of time and they drive the other passengers insane.

5: Minimize flights: Get you travel agent to book your tickets so that you have as few actual flights as possible. If you can get there in one flight pay the extra and do it. Not only will you save your self time and energy, you will be safer and you will have a much greater chance of getting to your location on time. The less planes you have to travel on taking off and landing the safer you will be. Also there are so many disruptions to flight times including delays and cancellations and over booking that one flight will always be less stressful.

6: Leave the kitchen sink at home. Yes I mean that. If you have a habit of taking things that you think you might need, dont. Look at point three again, this way you wont have room for the kitchen sink.

7: Dont take or buy any books, magazines or newspapers with you. Take a Kindle e book reader . These tiny lightweight gadgets (less than the size of a paperback) are wireless and can store 200 books, magazines, blogs and newspapers on them, so you can read all through your travel and be stress free when you arrive.

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