A Quick Review On Samsung, LG & Denon Blu-ray Players

The Samsung BD-P1600 arrives finished with all the features we nowadays anticipate on Blu- ray players, including Profile- 2. compatibility and onboard decoding for Dolby TrueHD and DTS- HD Master Audio. But the BD- P1600 goes outside of the basics, contributing superior operational speed, Netflix and Pandora streaming, and the ability to add Wi- Fi functionality with a USB dongle(sold separately) . Certainly, the BD- P1600’s biggest fault is its bad flip- down panel that occupies the entire front of the unit. Nevertheless, if you can live with the design misstep, the BD- P1600 offers an outstanding value for its performance and presents. 

The LG BD390 has a more typical and delicate look. The front faceplate is a polished, reflective black accented by a strip of silver metal on the top and silver feet below. The LCD screen is just off center, and its large size and bright white color ensure it is clear to understand from across your home theater, besides the fact that some will be disappointed that it can’t be dimmed. There are four playback controls across the front of the unit, along with a removable plastic cover that reveals a USB port. We had it sitting right together with the Samsung BD- P3600 in our lab and if we had to pick one, we’d give the nod to the BD390. 

The Denon DBP-2010CI includes advanced features such as Denon’s unique Separated Unit Structure chassis architecture, which divides critical processing stages to prevent mutual interference, providing first-rate audio and video signal-to-noise performance. 

This Denon Blu-ray player features a low centre of gravity for excellent stability and the chassisshowcases multi-layer construction for the greatest rigidity and freedom from vibration-induced distortion.