A Silvery New Years Eve

I love New Year’s because I don’t get to dress up that often, and this is one of the days where I’ll get to do that. A New Year’s Eve dress is practically a must! Don’t you want to reward yourself for a year well spent by wearing a teen fashion dress you’ll remember always? I certainly do.

A running theme for New Year’s Eve has always been silver white-ish colors which I found out on realy fun websites for kids, so why not stick to the old tradition with these fabulous silver-grey finds.

I found this silver dress at Target for $31.99. It’s strapless, so you’ll want to wear a sweater over it and find some new hairstyles for fine hair. But I like it because it just screams New Year! Tights would look cute under this dress in basically any color you like. You could even try some cool printed tights for a real bold look.

This dress is for a more casual New Year party. The ruffle at the top is what makes the dress great, and at $24.50 from Old Navy, the price is great too. I would wear this little fella over a pair of skinny pants with some long silvery chain necklaces. You could also wear a long sleeved shirt underneath it if you’re cold. That’s what’s so excellent about spaghetti strapped dresses!

This dress is probably my favorite out of them all. It hales from Forever 21 and quenches every need for a New Year’s Eve dress. First of all, it has long sleeves. So the trouble of finding a good sweater to go over your dress is absolutely gone! Secondly, it has the hue I need, and thirdly there’s a whimsical ruffled front that keeps it stylish. What more do we need? The ruffled edges at the cuffs are also a great touch. Wear it with sparkly tights and some slouchy boots, and you’re off to a great start this New Year.