Add Some Shine To Your Ride With Chrome!

It is no surprise that the USA experienced a Baby Boom. Along with a surging economy a strong need to get more out of life bloomed after years of penny pinching and worry.

A booming car industry got to ride the strong economy. Like a tsunami, car manufacturing ramped up to meet the demands of post-war consumers and a broadening middle class. With new drivers growing in number so did the competition for their dollars. To feed this call for new designs technology and style were merged – a sign of new tastes and the consumer’s desire for status.

The dominant style of the 50s was chrome with some more chrome thrown in. Chrome showed up in grills that the blind could see coming, bold tail-fins as well as chrome center caps and hubs, consumers couldn’t seem to get enough of the sun-reflecting metal. The more, the better.

Today’s car accessory enthusiasts are drawn to the lustrous metal with the same intensity. And why not? Chrome plating is resistant to corrosion, can be tinted and just has an innate visual appeal – not unlike icicles, glitter or diamonds… but manly.

Everything from tailpipes to roll-bars to running boards can be electroplated with unalloyed chromium. Center caps for rims and aftermarket rims are popular ways to upgrade the fashion statement of your vehicle, too.

Chrome plating comes in different thickness levels, so look at the specifications to get an idea of what wear resistance one can reasonably expect. If you can’t find it, ask the salesperson. Even better is to contact the manufacturer. It should go without saying that you should do your research before putting down your money. “Rim remorse” is an easily avoided experience – especially if it set you back a paycheck or two.

With the help readilyavailable on the web, you can find parts by the manufacturer’s SKU or the Hollander number. Another choice is to employ a locator service to find the Chrome wheel center caps, chrome lug nuts, chrome grill and other chrome parts that can transform your ride from blah to blingin’!