Avoid Foreclosure – A Do It Yourself Project!

We live in trying times. The economy is in decline. Unemployment is up and still rising. House prices keep dropping and foreclosures keep climbing. Things are tough all over.

If you are worrying about your house being foreclosed, you can take heart that help seems to be on the way. Banks and mortgage lenders are getting tired of increasing their inventory of unoccupied houses for sale. They are willing to go to extraordinary means to keep existing mortgage-holders in their homes.

You certainly don’t want to be in the position of being foreclosed on just before they change the rules in a way that would have let you stay in the house, if you were still there…

You can prevent foreclosure of your home. You just need to know how to do that. There are many things you can do to avoid foreclosure. You can start by clicking on the link in this paragraph.

Trying times like these mean increases in tension and anxiety. How will you adapt and cope? What do you do when you cannot afford expensive therapists, analysts and the traditional ways to lower stress?

A good stress-reliever is to learn to crochet. Seriously! Crochet work is somewhat like the mantras used in meditation to erase the cluttered blackboard of the mind. Learn to crochet, relax and control the tension while doing something useful. When you learn to crochet you can save money on gifts for family and friends by giving them gifts that are handmade, with love!

For many, difficult times means anxiety and putting on weight. You can control your weight economically by using the banana diet. It’s easy, cheap and very effective.

Author – John R. Jones