Awesome heating company story for all those who have a new project in the Redford area.

Our new bathroom from the remodeling project is gorgeous. The old narrow tiled tub is now a large and open Kohler shower unit with beautiful glass doors. The toilet and vanity are comfort height, what a great ideal, and the floor and new window look great.

We had two bathrooms fully gutted and remodeled by this company in Seattle. They detailed exactly what was contracted, came in and finished the job with professionalism and on time. What we were very happy with, they listened to my remodeling wishes and what we could actually afford, and never once did they hesitate when the task appeared to more difficult of a challenge.

They also recommend a local business for our window treatments. We highly recommend this blinds company in Farmington if you need your blinds or drapes done by a professional company.

We also needed some HVAC work done so we went with this heating and cooling company near Redford.

We service all brands and perform quality installations of cooling, air conditioning and weatherization equipment in residential and commercial settings. Leading the industry with superior customer service and competitive pricing. We have experienced, reliable installers to handle the installation of all brands and types of products. Keep your HVAC products in tip top shape! Schedule yearly maintenance to maximize efficiency, and prolong the life of your heating and cooling systems.

With regularly scheduled maintenance check-ups we also offer you peace of mind, ensuring your equipment operates safely and continues to keep your home the place to be all year round. Should something happen and your system stop working, they’re just a phone call away and can normally service your equipment within 24-72 hours of your call.

A flow-through humidifier can be easily added to any forced air heating system. It has no moving parts and is designed to operate with no mineral or mold buildup.

Have you ever been in your attic in the middle of the summer? You need an attic ventilator. Assisting your air conditioner in cooling your home and in lowering your utility bills, an attic ventilator exhausts the hot air from your attic and brings in cooler air from the outside. This air circulation of air greatly reduces the heat load on your home allowing your air conditioner to work more efficiently and to cool your home faster. Adding an attic ventilator to your home will save you money and make you more comfortable.

If your room air conditioner unit is more than 10 years old, consider replacing it with an ENERGY STAR room air conditioner, which uses at least 10% less energy than a standard new model. Select the unit with the highest Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) for greater savings. Ask a trained salesperson for help choosing the size that’s right for your needs.