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AZ Airfare and Adventures

The state of Arizona has so a lot to offer and with AZ airfares being affordable in the shoulder and off-peak seasons we really should come and explore the state.  You may want to visit the Grand Canyon with the wonder of nature showing you just how patience and time can erode something into a true thing of wonder.  Or you could want to visit some of the outstanding galleries the state has to offer with the rich history of the Native Americans, Hispanic culture and western culture all available in different locations.

The Heard Museum in Phoenix is a must “visit” for everyone interested in the heritage of the region. Here you will be exposed to some of the best in traditional and contemporary American Indian art.  You will find ten exhibition galleries that include five long-term and 5 rotating exhibitions with two different locations for you to visit. 

While you are in the Phoenix area you may wish to tour Pueblo Grande Museum which is an archaeological site museum and repository. The purpose of the museum is enhancing the knowledge of prehistory, history, and ethnology of inhabitants of the Southwest.  The museum is positioned at a 1,500 year-old Hohokam village ruins.  You can discover reproductions of the prehistoric Hohokam homes when exploring the ruin trail.  At the site is also one of the last surviving intact Hohokam irrigation canals. This is a remarkable piece of Hohokam history.

Head on over to Tombstone where you can see the Old West.  Tombstone is known as “The Town Too Tough To Die,” and is the most famous of Arizona’s old mining camps.  This region produced millions of dollars of gold and silver over a seven year period.  When you are touring Tombstone you will discover the opportunity to see Boothill Graveyard, the old Tombstone Courthouse and see many of the residents dressed in period style. 

Near Tucson you may want to visit the Titan Missile Museum which was home to one of the Titan II Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles.  There were 18 Titan II missile sites located at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson.  The Titan Missile Museum is the only Titan Missile site that remains intact; all the others were destroyed.  You can take a guided tour that takes you into the launch control room with a simulated launch and then travel on through the 200 ft tunnel for a close up inspection at the Titan II missile.  It’s an awesome tour, be sure to make time to stop here.

Travel on over to Yuma and tour the Yuma Territorial Prison State Historic Park.  Here you will be able to tour the prison that incarcerated 3,069 prisoners, 29 of whom were women.  The prison was last used in 1909 when the prisoners were moved to a new prison.  Now you can visit the prison and see the front gate that is so familiar to anyone that has watched western movies.