Barbell Chest Exercises

Using a barbell, you can build your chest. But before you start doing all these heavy workouts, do some warm up exercises. If done wrong, you may cause an injury in muscles or joints. Injuring yourself could happen, so it’s best to have someone close by to guide you or to make sure your doing it safely.

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Free weight Chest Press

With the barbell, keep your hands spread so they are a littler wider than the shoulders. Make sure you lift your chest a little and with your shoulders continually touching the bench, slightly tighten the abdomen. The barbell should be pushed up to straighten your elbows. The elbow joints should be even with the shoulders when you bring the barbell down. Doing repetitions will give you the best results.  

Inclined Free Weight Press

For this you need a bench that will incline to thirty degrees. You’ll find this to be about the same as the chest press. The abdominal muscles should be flexed while your chest is in the air, with the shoulders firmly on the bench. Straighten your elbows by pushing the barbell straight up. When you bring the barbell down, make sure that your shoulders and elbow joints are parallel to each other. For the best outcome, do repetitions continually.

Declined Lift

There’s a foot pad below the declined bench that your feet should be placed in. Grabbing a barbell, make sure there’s space between the hands that’s wider than your shoulder width. Lift the barbell with the arms to an arms length from the chest. The bar should then be brought back down, to be situated scarcely  above the lower chest. The arms should be at a forty-five degree angle when coming down and the elbow, if situated right, will help accomplish that. Don’t let your arms go too far out cause it may put to much tension on the shoulder joints. Now lift the barbell back to the starting position. For this lift, you probably want your trainer close by. Be careful about putting too much strain on your joints and muscles because you could damage them.