Before You Buy Shower Curtains and Rods

Here are some options when you are next buying shower curtains and rods for your next bathroom renovation. make no mistake, your options are enormous and I will list but a few here to help you on your way.

There are many forms black and white shower curtains can take. You could choose a zebra-stripe pattern, or white dots on a black surface, or black dots on a white surface, or something with squares or zigzags. Whatever you choose, it’s hard to go wrong, and you’re likely to end up making your entire bathroom look more sophisticated, like something from a swank apartment overlooking Central Park.

A stall shower curtain, which is a curtain used to cover up a stall shower-which is a shower that’s just a shower, and has no bathtub included-tends to be a little longer than a typical shower curtain, and usually somewhat narrower as well.

A double shower curtain rod is exactly what the name implies: twin shower rods, one to hang the shower curtain on, and a second on which to hang whatever you like. You can hang your laundry on there to dry, or the small rug in your bathroom when you want to wash the floor. A corner shower curtain rod is a curved piece of equipment that will extend from one bathroom wall to the middle of another wall, as opposed to a regular curtain rod, which of course runs in a straight line from one wall to another.

Hopefully you have enough info to make an informed decision. If you require more reading head over to