Bicycle Safety Tips

The bicycle, as a method of transportation and a form of recreation, offers benefits for individuals, families plus the community. Yet many individuals forget to follow simple, yet fairly obvious safety tips. Here’s a short list of bicycle do’s and dont’s.

Sidewalk riding for bicyclists in the evening learning stage and being closely supervised by adults might be more dangerous than on your way, obeying traffic. It is also illegal unless town has transpired an ordinance specifically permitting sidewalk riding. Sidewalks might be more dangerous because of the variety of sight restrictions, driveways and obstacles.

Reflectors and lights make your bicycle more visible to car drivers in the dark. Reflective stickers are a great choice since they look cool and make you more visible to individuals driving cars.

In case you ride a recumbent bicycle, be sure that you have flags and plenty of reflectors to enhance your visibility. Often recumbent bicycles are harder for motorists to determine simple because of their low profile.

Carrying things with you and never in your handlebars prohibits you against making quick turns to prevent hazards and endangers everyone on the road. Also, much like motorcycles, your handlebars may not be more than your shoulders.

Perhaps most importantly, ride predictably. Swerving inside and outside of traffic, jumping forward and backward between sidewalk and roadway, and changing lanes all of the sudden are activities that drive motorists crazy. Every bicycle accessories can’t allow you to avoid a car that outweighs you by way of a ton or more!

Ride carefully!