Blazers Rule

Right now blazers are really in. They serve multiple purposes, so it makes them a perfect wardrobe essential when it comes to teen fashion. A black blazer can be worn with jeans, skirts, dresses, you name it. A blazer will keep you warm and it will give you that extra boost of style that you might be looking for with your winter outfits.

Depending on what you’re looking for, blazers can be found all over the place. If you are shopping on a budget, I suggest you start with your favorite teen fashion thrift store. You will be able to locate blazers of different size and color in almost all the many sections of a thrift store. A lot of times, females prefer to have a more fitted look so I usually direct them to the young boys department. Often these blazers will be smaller and more fitted. The problem you might come across at that point is that the sleeves are too short. A good way around that is to go with the “rolled up” look, which is also popular with the 80s craze being back in fashion.

The next place you can look is your favorite department store. Again, depending on what you want, you can look in all the departments. Here you will find just as many color and style options, but the price will go up as you are buying brand new clothes verses the thrift.

No matter where you find the perfect blazer, you won’t regret getting it. As the weather turns and the air gets chillier, this fashion statement will keep you warm and keep you in style. Enjoy your shopping!