Butcher Block Cutting Boards

The Butcher block has long been around, since the beginning of use for those original butcher blocks. The Monarch Block is only one of a variety of those types of butcher blocks that are used by commercial meat cutters now going on 100 years. It’s become very popular for people to place into their residentials.

The natural beauty appeals to many homeowners and they will buy them, either as home Islands, work surfaces of separate chopping boards. These boards are far more hygienic than the wooden blocks that were used in the past, which tended to split and allow bacteria to seep into the wood. Theses heavily laminated and attached with glue butchers block are far more hygienic as the surface can be sanded down as many times as needed.

These larger blocks can be used to cut even the biggest pieces of meat such as a commercial butcher might require. Having said that, the smaller chopping boards designed for use in the residential are still as solid, but on a smaller scale.

Butchers blocks are designed to be used for many, many years and the end grain structured blocks are favored by both professional butchers and gourmet chefs because they are less wearing on the knife edges. When a cut is made, the blade can slip between grains and will last longer between sharpening.

The dovetail and double dovetail joint combined with pressurized glue application produces a solid, heavy finished product that will last many years, and certainly longer than a single piece of wood. The joints are almost impermeable to bacteria although exposure to hot water such as in a dishwasher should be avoided.

You may actually find these butcher blocks at auction markets, because they last so long and have been passed down through the years. You can find other butcher block tables that will fit in nicer with your decor. Coming with many types of looks and styles.

Burcher block furniture is a welcome addition to any residential. They are warm, handsome and durable. This means they are actually better value for money in the long run than some of the cheaper alternatives. A butcher block chopping board will last a life time – or longer.