Cheap tickets to India: the price depends on from where you are coming from


To buy cheap tickets to India, looking on the internet is the best choice.  There is one site called “makemytrip” that has a fare challenge to all other internet sites. They start at $399 and are willing to match any other fare that is lower for a flight from America to India. The restrictions are that the competitor’s lower price must be posted and must be exactly the same accommodations. This includes the dates and cabin class. If after booking a flight with this company and a lower price is found in less than a week, they will reimburse you the difference if all the requirements are met.

When looking online make sure you find the taxes that are associated with the price of your tickets. There are prices posted that are lower than $399, but that does not include the airport taxes, sale taxes and some hidden fees at times.

The time of year you plan to travel to India will also greatly affect you price. There is the dry season which is when most tourist travel there and the prices are the highest. To get the lowest price, the monsoon season is the time to go. That is if you like rain. The monsoons are not continuous and there are and great many tourist that get lucky with a few days of dry weather. The choice is yours.

Most of all to get the cheap tickets to India book your flight 6 months to a year in advance.