Cholesterol Laden Foods

There are many foods that you need to be aware of that are laden with cholesterol. It is important that you are aware of the many types of foods for the sake of your family’s health.

A List of Cholesterol Laden Foods

Interesting enough, a sheep or beef brain is on the top of the list for the most cholesterol in foods. Makes you wanna run out and buy a couple, eh? Well, rest assured I won’t be anytime soon!! That is for sure.

Next on the list is fish oil. While there are many good attributes for it, there are also precautions that you must know about. Fish oil has a lot of cholesterol.

Chicken liver anyone? – Well, coming in as number three on the list is tasty chicken liver. I think that I will pass on this one as well. I am sure that many of us will.

Raw eggs (especially the yolk) – I am sure that there are many people out there who love the incredible edible egg, right? Yeah, I do but it doesn’t like us so we need to eat them in moderation.

Beef bi-products – Liver or tongues anyone? Nah, I didn’t think so. There are many people who like to fry up a batch now and again. If the grease isn’t bad enough, then eat some bi-products to add more to your already high cholesterol.

Canned crustaceans? – Uhm you mean as in shrimp and fish? I don’t think so. There are many that you think in your mind are very good for you. So since they are ‘good’ for you, you decide to go ahead and fry them; making them better? I sincerely doubt it. They are still high in cholesterol.

Fast foods – Well, this is definitely a no-brainer (to say the least). Uhm, maybe or maybe not, who knows. Maybe you didn’t know that those morning biscuits and sausage were loaded with all the fattening grease? Perhaps you don’t think about it while driving down the road on your way to work? Who knows, but now you do.

Pork anyone? – Did you know that pork is high in fat and cholesterol already. They are some of the nastiest animals and eat just about anything. They are full of cholesterol and sadly enough, many people fry them in grease.

There are many types of food that are loaded with cholesterol. We can choose to be knowledgeable in what we do or we can continue feeding our bodies junk. The choice is yours!

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