Coach Soho Tweed Blue

Soho – district in Manhattan noted for its old warehouses converted into restaurants, galleries and theaters.

These astounding classic mini bags, wallets or purses are perfect for the theater, art gallery observing, or dining out. To name a Coach line Soho is genius! It is like the fine wine of handbags or accessories. It is classic by design.

The Black Soho Coach Bag is a classic because it is the best of the best by Coach. It is the fine wine of Coach purses. It is the quality of the past that fits the trends of today. What makes the Soho so special? Besides their Signature materials, this small purse is the hallmark of a woman’s daintiness, femininity, endurance, style and grace.

Soho’s are perfect for any occasion. I use my black patent leather Soho with silver buckles daily because it compliments everything in my wardrobe. I absolutely adore this bag. I use it for just about anything from shopping to throwing it around when I am feeling a little less than graceful. You really cannot go wrong with Black Coach Soho Signature Purse.

She did not become a classic because she is cheap; she became a classic because she comes from an exceptionally fine line of Coach. The Soho line is the best of the best. This line is special because its design will continue to outlast any other. Speaking of outlasting; my Soho gets tossed around, beat up and even withstands my two year old daughter.

Now the Soho that I have has a zip top and is a little more sophisticated than the flap design. Needless to say, the Soho with the flip top, made with tweed especially in brown, black or blue, is more modern day vintage because it really captures the characteristic styles of the late 70’s and early 80’s. The strap on my particular Soho is small enough to be held in your hand without looking unkempt.

Coach is no dummy, old trends always come back. Today the 80’s are hot, but Coach has put a classic spin on the Boom era. Today we know that hot pink is not a color that should be worn, it is a highlighter. The Coach Soho also comes in twill. In other words, tweed was originally called twill because it was an unfinished woolen fabric woven into a twill pattern instead of a plain pattern. Why would you want plain? While the Soho line and hobo design is simple, it is defiantly not plain. Who else can design a mini purse in tweed blue and make it look hot?

Have you ever noticed that a couch made with tweed has outlasted the ones made of other fabrics? Coach knows that quality is better than quantity. So it produces products that will last. Tweed use to be customary because it is moisture-resistant and durable but became obsolete because of the rate at which the economy was booming. Therefore most companies switched to more cost effective goods such as cotton and polyester.

Whatever your flavor: red, green, white, pink, brown, black, small, large, mini bags, wallets or purses, Coach has got it all. It is a little more expensive, but you know it will last. I mean last; not just as in it will not fall apart, but last as in; whatever the trend happens to be, you know that the Soho line and hobo design will always be in.

The Coach Soho Leather Hobo reminds me of Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Audrey Hepburn is the icon of vintage style. She is the fine wine of early Hollywood traditions and a legend not just by talent but by beauty and grace, a face that will live forever. Like the Coach Soho, a fine wine of early trends that became a legend not just by craftsmanship but by the beauty and grace they bring to any woman. Maybe a Soho won’t make you look like Audrey Hepburn, but it sure will make you feel like her.