Comparison of Different Clothing Name Labels

Individuals like to know which garments and possessions belong to them,and in most cases this is not a problem If lots of people wear the same type of clothes, or have their clothes washed together then some kind of individualisation is required. There are many kinds of name labels and we evaluate them all here:

Clothes label Appearance:
The best looking labels are printed fabric or woven labels which need to be sewn into uniforms, second place is shared by iron on labels and stikins and last place has to go to laundry markers and biro where the name is written into the garment.

Labelling Speed:
The fastestmethod of personalisingclothes is a laundry marker followed by stikins and then iron on labelling. Sewing in labels comes last in terms of speed particularly if one is a non sewer, or have many children.

Name Label Durability:
Washing machines remove things from clothes, and have a very harsh environment for labels. Labels can fail because they fall off or because the print fades. A well sewn in woven name label is the most durable solution and it should survive the life of the garment. Mixed results come from iron on labels in terms of staying in; some are very good and some are poor, the kind of fabric they are ironed on to is also a factor, but they tend not to fade. Stikins school name labels generally survive extremely well if put on correctly and the print does not fade. Laundry markers do tend to fade with time but there is no issue regarding falling off.

Name Label Cost:
Laundry markers are the lowest cost and there are also some low priced label sew in tapes. Woven and embroidered labels have a range of prices and are often more expensive than iron in labels and stikins. The most expensive name labels are the ones that do not work, or need replacing often so buying cheap may not be good value in the end.

Which Name Labels are the Best?
None of the labels above is an overall winner, all have pros and cons and the best labels for you will depend what is most important to you. If appearance overrides everything go for the best woven labels, if cost is vital buy a marker pen, if you want a good all round performer buy Stikins. A referral from a friend or samples first is a good way of making sure of the quality of iron on labels, which can also be good all rounders. So good luck choosing school tags for your clothes.