Cool Gadgets And Services

Electric cars seem to be getting a lot of press lately. Recently, Tesla’s electric car was featured on Top Gear. The car has very good performance and can last a reasonable distance before needing to be recharged. With a price tag of around $100K, though, it definitely isn’t cheap. You can always try doing an electric car conversion on your current car, but this will require a lot of work and time. Also, since gas prices have dropped a lot in the last few months, the idea of an electric car isn’t as appealing compared to when gas cost $4/gallon. Still, the Tesla roadster is a pretty sweet looking car, and electric cars have a number of other advantages too.

Another gadget that’s becoming more and more popular by the day is the Apple iPhone. The problem is that it is locked on to AT&T as the service provider by default, which is why people are searching for ways to unlock iphone. This way, you can use a different service provider. There is lots of cheap software on the internet that can unlock your iphone.

Finally, another cool thing that has been popular for a while now is the ability to lookup someones phone number. A reverse phone lookup will give you the name, address and more of the owner of the phone number you enter. There are a few online services that can lookup phone numbers for you, and they typically have millions of numbers in their database (so you can be fairly sure that they’ll have details on the number you’re looking for).