Corporate State Income Tax Rates

When it comes to corporate state income tax, many states have a flat percentage rate they charge per your net income (tax bracket). Some states have tax brackets and there are even a few states that do not impose a corporate state income tax at all, such as Wyoming, Nevada and Washington.

Financial institutions typically have a separate tax rate that will be imposed. Some states also impose an alternative tax to the corporation state income tax. These variations are reflected and based upon the type of corporation you are filing for.

The state income tax rates can range from 1% to 12%, however most are under 10%. For example:

Alabama – is a state that imposes a flat rate of 6.5% on the net income of the corporation.

Arizona – is another state that imposes a flat rate and theirs is 6.968% and has a minimum of $50.00 due.

Arkansas – this state’s tax increases by 1% -3% per bracket: up to $3K is a 2% tax, $3K to $6K is a 3% tax, $6K to $11K is a 5% tax, $11K to $25K is a 6% tax and $25K to $110K is 6.5% tax.

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