Designing your home and bathroom

Whether we like it or not, the decor of our home is a tool that many people use to tell a great deal about what kind of people we are. For example, it demonstrates the the things we like and do not like, and can give insights into our character. There is the instance in which we design our kitchen storage to appease the practical sides of our character. The natural tones we use to paint our lounge would point to someone who likes a place to relax when they come home from a hard days work.

Conversely the red tones and satin sheets we use to decorate our bedroom would reveal a very different side to our personality – one that not everyone would see! When deciding on decor for our home it’s a good idea to separate public areas from private ones. Even when you are entertaining guests at a party, you will not want to allow them access to all parts of the home, and will want to keep parts of it separate and private.

The most luxury is usually given to bedrooms, since their intimate nature means they are the area where people want to spend the most amount of money to make sure that they look as nice as possible. A very popular part of any decor is flooring, and the type of floor that you choose will depend on how highly traveled your floor is. Your character, however, is definitely noticeable in the color and type of flooring you pick. A luxurious wool carpet would be ideal underfoot in the bedroom, but a hard wearing laminate would be more practical for the hallway.

Choosing the right accessories in your decor will, of course, give a clue to your personality. Guests in your home will often have their opinion of each room easily swayed by the type of lighting you choose. Whether you are looking for more light that you actually need, or simply looking to light areas for aesthetic reasons, a spotlight is a great way to give your home the extra light it needs. Many different rooms in the home can be decorated thusly.

When you wish to highlight specific items – such as treasures that matter the most to you – spotlights are helpful, as are single light fittings. If on the other hand you are minimalist, you may prefer the experience of general mood lighting instead. Remember, when you are choosing the decor for your dwelling, you are giving a great insight into your mind and character to the outside world, so pick carefully!

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