Discover More About Caring For Your Wooden Kitchen Surfaces

Have you recently made a decision to have beautiful wood  worktops placed in your kitchen? Wooden kitchen surfaces are popular within many homes as a result of their distinctive look and kitchen-friendly qualities, that can assist to keep your kitchen inviting, practical and sanitary. However, when you are the lucky owner of beautiful wooden surfaces how can you make certain that they are kept in beautiful condition? Whether your wooden surfaces are Walnut, Iroko or Oak, there are several things that that you can do to keep your worktops beautiful finish and extend their life.

Opt For Oil

The good thing to do when trying to preserve your wooden worktops is treat it with oil. Good-quality oil will help to not only protect the wood and keep it in good condition, but it will even help to offer some additional depth to the wood and keep its colouring rich in appearance. So, aside from wiping up any spillages with a damp cloth, you should always ensure that you treat your surfaces with oil roughly every three months.

Don’t Forget Your Chopping Board

Whilst in your lovely kitchen you will probably be cooking food regularly! Nonetheless, you will need to remember that whilst chopping food you should always try to make use of a chopping board. Nobody really wants to see their stunning new kitchen surfaces scuffed or scratched.

Keep Cool

One other thing to be wary of if you are looking to keep your  wooden worktops  looking pristine, are hot saucepans and frying pans straight from the hob. You should try to make sure to never place any hot items straight onto your wooden surfaces. So, why not invest in a trivet or pot stand to remedy this?

Keep Things On The Move

The primary attraction of wooden surfaces, is that as they grow in age they develop greater depth and become richer in appearance. However, due to their ever-changing nature you should try to regularly change around the position of any appliances on your surfaces as otherwise the wood underneath may become discoloured or be paler in contrast to the rest of the surface. As a result, it is often advised that you try to move around your kitchen appliances and fixtures every so often to keep your surfaces even-looking in colour.

Avoid Bleach And Chemicals

Cleaning sprays, bleach and washing-up liquid can all discolour your surfaces as a result of the chemicals that they contain. As an alternative to any of these products, a damp cloth should always be used to clean up any spillages. By doing this you can help to guarantee yourself longer-lasting and more beautiful surfaces.

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