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One of the most popular ingredients that have been added to the Yoli Truth Energy Drink is the Acai Berry. Now a lot of us have already heard all the pros and cons about Acai Berry, mostly pros and the effect this product can have on natural weight loss. Well the truth be told, not all people in the United States are over weight, just one third of us. And many of us are just overweight by 10-15 pounds and it isn’t even noticeable. But for a lot of us in that category, wouldn’t it be nice to consume something like Yoli Truth which contains their own proprietary Anti Oxidant Blend? The true effects of Acai Berry are still a mystery, however, over the last 10 years or so we have learned a lot of the positive effects of this unique fruit. First of all we know that Acai Berry is grown and harvested every season in the Brazilian Rainforests.

If you were to try to eat Acai Berry in its raw form, it would taste like a mixture of berries and chocolate. The key behind this fruit is the fact that it is loaded with Antioxidants, Essential Amino Acids as well as Fatty Acids your body needs. You won’t find this product at your local grocery store, but if you ever visit a health food store you will probably find it in juice from, but probably not in its raw form. Acai Pulp is made up of Antioxidants that aid in the premature aging process. Believe it or not it has 10x the Antioxidants as standard red grapes do as well as ten to thirty times the anthocyanins as red wine. People in France drink one glass of red wine each day as tradition, not all the French but many of them do. And their national average of heart attacks compared to those in the U.S. are much much lower per person.

Acai Pulp also contains valuable trace minerals along with the amino acid formula helps with muscle contraction and muscle regeneration. So this is the perfect ingredient for people involved in sports like Bodybuilding, Triathlons, Swimming or any sport that requires a lot of physical exertion. The Acai Berry also includes a couple of ingredients in them called Anthocyanins and Flavonoids. The definition of Anthocyanin comes from the Greek word “plant” and “blue”. Anthocyanin in fruits tend to change the color in these to red, purple or blue. The powerful Antioxidants in these drinks help rid the body of damaging Free Radical buildup that tends to naturally occur. This is what helps reverse the aging process.

So when we say that Yoli Truth includes Acai Berry and Acai Pulp, this is a big deal. Hardly any Energy Drinks we know of these days include this ingredient. But Yoli Truth includes more than this. It also includes a great blend of essential vitamins and minerals that will make sure your daily nutritional requirements are met. And as busy people, this is important. Life throws a lot at us each day so this information is refreshing in more ways than one.