Easy to Use Software for Simple Web Design

A website is an important part of a business’ marketing functions. There are software packages on the market that allow you to build simple websites without having to know a ton of programming. Dreamweaver is one such program, as is Microsoft Frontpage. These programs are easy to use and work mainly from a design format, although they can also be hand-coded as well. Dreamweaver, for example, is basically an html editor, which uses tables and layers to achieve the effect needed for each individual web page.

There is no need to know much about programming, just a basic ability to drag, drop, and insert what you need into tables to create simple and effective web pages that do most of the work for you on the internet. These types of software packages are called WSIWYG packages or “What You See Is What You Get” – that is, there is no complication, and all that is required to use the software is a basic understanding of the tools and a good eye for design.

These types of software are god for smaller business who is interested in the development of smaller types of websites, which serve mainly as an online brochure for their company. They are easy to use programs, and there is even a multitude of free tutorials on the internet available for anyone who wants more advanced knowledge of web design.

Combine this with graphics software packages like Photoshop, and the small company is well on its way to producing good, clean, attractive and effective webdesign purmerend for itself. These packages for graphic design will help you to design logos, banners and some nifty effects for your website, to give it that ultra professional look at a fraction of the cost in the long run.