Email Backup Solutions

One of the problems with email isn’t the most obvious one, like spam. No, one of the biggest problems is just how much email many of us want to keep. Just as an example, I filter my emails from family into a special folder, which keeps them organized. That’s great, but as they’ve grown over time they’re cluttering up my email application and making it slower. I don’t want to get rid of them, so what can I do?

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If you use Mozilla Thunderbird, you’ll already know it’s free and it’s great. But if you have a lot of accounts in it and lots of incoming email, it does slow down. To use it efficiently you need to keep the number of emails in it down to a sensible level. Some people have many thousands of emails in their email application.

I kept that many emails because I wanted to be able to access information whenever I needed to. That’s great, but the truth is most of us only need to access old emails once or twice a month ,at most. For me, I was running a sub-optimal system and my email application was very slow Using an email backup system now gives me the best of both worlds. It’s possible to search for an old email whenever I need one, but my normal email system runs fast and lean, which saves me time every day.

Well, there are several solutions to archive email and many of them are free.

Some of the solutions aren’t particularly easy to use. In your own search for a solution here are some of the facilities to look out for:

1) Secure database backup
2) One click backup
3) Simple viewing of emails which have been archived
4) Rapid searching facilities
5) Burn to cd archiving

When you install your solution here’s a tip for you: delete your spam before you do the backup! There’s nothing worse than backing up a ton of spam messages. Best to get rid of them before you do the actual backup.