Federal Income Tax Deduction Calculator

What You See is What You Get
Do you know how to look at a picture and push a button? If you do then, you can use the federal income tax deduction calculator at Turbo Tax. It really is that easy. I used to be intimidated at the thought of preparing my taxes online but, they have made it so easy for me to understand now all the fear is gone.

Push and Play

The site is easy to understand in plain English. If you look at the top of the site, you will see the tab that says Tax Calculators & Tips. Just click on that and you will be on the calculator page. There are three calculators there. You will see the Tax Caster, Life Events and the IRA calculator. To run the numbers for your federal income tax deduction, choose the Tax Caster calculator.

Seek and Find

If you click around the site you will find a whole wealth of information. You may have arrived wanting to use the income tax deduction calculator but, you will leave with a lot of valuable information. Not only do they have calculators, they also have many different levels of service for all different life situations. The Life Events calculator will let you enter any new data concerning your life. Did you get married? Did a new little bundle of joy enter your household? How about that green hybrid car you’ve been dreaming of? Is that car parked in your garage now? If so, it could be a tax credit. The software is amazing and guarantees the biggest refund possible.

What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

Maybe you’ve heard contrary advice. So many people miss out on deductions because they don’t know they can claim them. Don’t fall into that category. TurboTax Online searches for more than 350 income tax deductions. Visit their site today and give the free federal income tax deduction calculator a try. Knowledge is power. Get every deduction you deserve!