Frames Direct Website Has A Tremendous Selection of Eyeglasses

I have always disliked having to spend an hour or more finding eyeglass frames that fit my face. Honestly, I have much better things to do with my time. I have also found that the selection at an eye doctor is fairly limited. When I discovered Frames Direct, an online eyeglass site, it made my day. The variety is abundant and the prices are quite low.

You might be worried about how you can possibly get a pair of glasses that fit without ever trying them on. Frames Direct does make it simple. If you already own glasses, you can easily look up the size on the inside arm of your glasses. This will make ordering the right size without any problems. The part of their website I like the most is where you can “try on” a pair of glasses virtually to see how they look on you. I actually get a better idea on the computer than I do in person. My sight isn’t very good and in order for me to see how a pair looks on me in the store I have to stand about three inches away from the mirror. I can upload a picture of myself and it put the glasses on the picture to see what different eyeglasses look like on me. Incredible! They make it so easy.

Being the bargain lover that I am I appreciated the fact that most of the glasses are discounted. This is important to me, because I do not have vision insurance. I really love making a deal even better by finding online coupon codes for Frames Direct. I’ve scheduled an appointment for me to get an eye exam and I know exactly where I am going for my new glasses. Frames Direct has made shopping for glasses a fun experience for me.