From Exercise Mats to Stationary Bikes

Despite all my years I still feel like a little boy within. I have a difficult time looking in the mirror and recognizing a real mature man. You might have believed the birth of my 2nd child would have changed it, but I still appear to be in self-denial of the aging process.

And regarding aging — or instead fighting it off — my wife and I recently moved into a brand new home and this house features room in its basement for the home gym my wife has always wanted. But I’m seeing dollar signs when I think about the many big and small items required, from the required but often forgotten weight-lifting benches and fitness mats to deciding on the most reliable stationary bicycle. An exercise bike can be tricky now a days. Do you buy an upright or a recumbent bicycle? Should I choose an analog or digital?

And then my dear wife appears set on getting an elliptical machine as well. You understood that right. A stationary bicycle and an elliptical trainer — not one or the other. My estimate is that the extra exercise equipment goes with the stretch mark treatment she began utilizing after the birth of youngest daughter. Wow I’ll get it for that joke.

I have to be particular with the budget because our new home is a bit more of a fixer-upper. We wanted it this way, yet we still have to carefully budget everything, even to a knob for a cabinet (no joke). My dear wife has an ambitious kitchen cabinet refacing design projected, but must remind her the sink for the bathroom she desires put in will set us back a pretty penny, as well.

Gratefully, we both enjoy the natural, rustic look, so we are furnishing our new home with natural furniture. Of course, it still needs some polishing off, but we can keep our costs down and make higher quality furniture than we could find in any store.

I discovered a good pair of coffee tables with some decent, natural knotting and a sideboard table in matching oak. For our patio outside we’re researching an outdoor fireplace and we’ll furnish with some inexpensive wicker furniture at first.

Furnishing a new house may seem so mature, but I cannot help but sense I’m merely playing house. The new furniture and exercise equipment merely feel as a new generation of toys.