General health and safety

The next step for organisations requiring professional health and safety

General health and safety goods / services.

Currently organisations go to a number of suppliers for their health and safety products and services (sometimes as many as 15 different suppliers). Today’s world demands a more efficient model. Hence the HSP (Health safety and protective) superstore has come into existence.

Many organisations are now exploiting these new HSP Superstores as: they offer huge economies; their ability to offer 360 degree support within the domain of health, safety and protection 24 hours a day is unprecedented; and their level of skill in the HSP domain is hard to rival. Combined these reasons make an extremely compelling case for using them as opposed to a number of suppliers that are out of sync and all need management (tremendous internal effort and expense).

Personal Health and safety – “No more excuses” they have a number of the best products to protect you and your family at home. Products include: first aid kits, fire extinguishers, fire blankets, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and anti-flood damage devices.

Workplace health and safety – all employers have a duty of care as regards the health and safety of their employees, documented legal and unwritten moral codes underpin these responsibilities. HSP superstores also have a first-class training functions that vends best in class training.

For example: Fire safety, First Aid, IOSH Training, NEBOSH Training and many other courses are usually available for a number of areas. All of which will be delivered by professional, experienced and qualified trainers/consultants.

HSP Superstores can usually offer a consistent high level of service because they utilise a business model that allows them to use the best resources which intern means the client gets the best advice money can buy at a competitive rate.

Chance Favours the Prepared