Getting An Event Video Right For Your Target Audience


When people interested in or exhibit at an event, they do so because they feel it will be a rewarding trip for them. Be it on a personal or business level, the tone of any related video must hit the right note, with regards to meeting the viewer’s requirements.

There is no doubt that we all are most often in a very big hurry currently. We do appear to have a bit more time when it comes to luxury items or products/services that may enhance our own spiritual and physical wellness. However, with business media and events this doesn’t appear to be the situation. We’ve much less time to dedicate to our business lives and for this reason any event video on a b2b level must grab the attention from the viewer quickly.

The very first thing you need to do is break it down into a number of workable segments. Be aware that it requires the ‘wow’ factor in the first 10-seconds and this could force you into adding a visible effect early on. Among the favourite introductions to event videos appears to be sped up. Normally, this is removed from an earlier event and is generally a 5 second shot of individuals entering the event. This provides viewers with the impression that men and women were in a hurry to get in and also there were lots of them!

After that you can follow up with a short voice over to cover the key selling points and highlights of the show. Be sure you cover the vital points first, People must be fed, watered and have bathroom breaks in addition to be stimulated on a personal and business level. Therefore, you need to highlight these points early and cover the various facilities and incentives available. Once you have succeeded in doing so you can start the principle part of the video.

The main part is quite different from those company videos you see. It’s not about a product or corporate style movie, but should list the reasons why people should visit or exhibit. You can do this in two main ways. For starters look at it from a visitor’s perspective.

What do they want to do when they get there. Why don’t you have a very quick talk with 2 or 3 people and get it on camera in the event you can use it later. They could supply you with a number of explanations why they wished to attend and this will act as a great feature for potential visitors.

Also grab a couple of people as they come out of a best selling lecture or presentation. If google, facebook, twitter or ebay are there discussing their products and associated technology, why not receive the thoughts of an attendee.

You can even have a chat with someone as they emerge from a conference seminar or as they move off an exhibition stand. Attempt to interview anyone who has been on a booth for some time as they may be more enthusiastic to talk about their experience.

When you have the primary footage you’ll want to end it with a final thought and some form of proactive approach. This is “get a tickets now by looking at ….” or show a web address for visitors.

Then you can certainly move onto with the exhibitors or presenters/speakers at the show. Have a round up of their experiences and then use the positive testimonials. If you can have the guest speaker from google then get them to talk about why people are interested. This can add credibility to your message and give the video with more weight in the eyes of visitors and exhibitors alike.

At the end of the day enjoy yourself and allow the creativity to flow. You’ll find that you produce your very best work when you are having a great time and don’t be worried to shoot a couple of hours of video. You’ll have more good bits to choose from.