Getting Away From Life to Get Back In It

Life isn’t all fun and silliness, is it? After my wife and I passed a good week away from reality on our vacation, it was time for us to confront reality. From high interest rates on our credit cards and our auto loan to home plans left pending, we had our work cut out for us. And you know, I’m determined old dog, so I wasn’t quitting on my gps project, either.

First we tackled the credit cards. Thankfully, even in this time of tough credit, credit card companies and auto loan agencies seem eager to please individuals with good credit. My wife did a great job isolating the best deal on the best zero percent balance transfer credit card.

I’m thankful someone in the household has some sure sense of our finances… and it sure as heck is not me. But the lower interest and smaller monthly bills ought to really furnish us some breathing room.

Then we had to discuss a number of family betterments we had been planning for quite some time. Some may say we have no business investing in improvements at this time, but what can I say? We prefer to stubbornly press forward.

My wife has been looking over the different available steam showers and we both agree on the bathroom lights and the bathroom sink we want for our bathroom remodel, but after looking over some discount bedding tips, we’re no longer on the same page for the new bedding.

Gratefully, she’s being either encouraging or tolerant of my trivial gadget fixation. I’m not too bad about it, but I have my weakness. Currently I have narrowed it down to a handheld tv, DVD projector or a Garmin Golflogix GPS Handheld. Speaking of GPS, we both agree it is time to invest in a bluetooth GPS receiver.

I believe gps technology has refined enough and grown cheap enough that we need to incorporate it into our life.

I’m only relieved my girl and I are on the same page for a majority of this material. Life can be so much more challenging when the souls around them use our troubles as launching points for their pride rather than opportunities to unify and grow.