Granny Home – Affordable Modular Accommodation in Australia

Do you have a relative with whom you wish to share your house and want to offer them the privacy of a self-contained granny flat? Annexes and granny flats can offer more independence for relatives than living in the principle dwelling.

The humble granny home, actually, is part of a tradition that goes back more than a century, to a time when widows used carriage houses to supplement their income, couples passed the summer in them and let out the principle house to tourists, and bachelors, young couples and workers regarded them as cost-effective places to live within easy walking distance of work.

While the trend is to move away from more traditional brick and tile home building, Australian designers are exploring new construction methods that will take maximum advantage of new, innovative materials which are being introduced into the manufactured housing market.

Actually, when you think about it, the building methods developed for kit homes make more and more sense, when you consider the rising costs of on site construction, the extra expense of complying with occupational health and safety regulations, and the demands of ensuring new building work is environmentally-friendly and sustainable.

There are many companies in Australia which offer a choice of manufactured homes to suit every taste and budget. They offer a choice of floor-plans so you are certain to find one that’s just perfect for your requirements. They can also customise a floor plan to conform with any special requirements. You also have a choice of exterior designs to select from.

So, whether you need a granny home to be added to an existing house plot, or a lakeside cabin, or a sea-side home, it’s good to know there are cost-efficient solutions available.

Kit homes have many applications – they can make perfect granny flats, military accommodation, miners’ accommodation, teenagers’ retreats, lakeside cabins – anywhere where a suitable piece of land is available.