Great Guidelines Homeowners Should Follow When Buying Functional Futon Covers

Futon covers are both decorative and functional. They provide an excellent method for making your futon more attractive. The fabric of the cover can also help to protect the futon underneath and make it last longer. When purchasing a futon cover there will be a few things to consider. The first thing you should do is to measure your futon mattress.
 Look at all the dimensions including the thickness. There are many different thicknesses of futon out there and you want to buy a cover that will fit your futon. Skipping this step is a real mistake as you could get stuck with a futon cover that will not fit. The best futon covers come with zippers that allow you to easily remove them to wash them.
 Look at what type of fabrics and patterns you already have in the room where the futon is located. The futon cover you select should blend in with the rest of the décor of the room. There is a wide selection of futon covers available at reasonable prices so it should not be hard to find one that fits your décor and your budget.
 You can expect to pay between $30 and $150 for a futon cover. Know what your budget is before you start your search to help you narrow down your choices to the ones that fit your budget. Some futon covers are completely covered in the same print. These make it easy to flip your mattress without changing the look of your space.
 Another style of futon cover includes a solid color on one side and a print on the other side. This gives you the option of turning it over to change the look of your space. When you buy a window pane futon cover it will have a print on the top which does not go all the way to the edges. There will be a solid color on the edges and back.