Happy As This Guy

What makes you as happy as the guy jumping up and down on the Salt Flats?  I suppose you would have to be as good looking as the guy on the salt flats.  Or maybe it’s driving your Harley down an abandoned road at breakneck speed with the roar of the wind chasing away any hint caution.  Or perhaps it is jumping out of a plane a thousand feet up in the air with only a parachute on your back to limit your fall.  But if you want some pure joy without that rush of danger: try out Oka b’s Juliana high heel flip flops.  You’ll find plenty to be happy about, especially because you will be just as good looking as that model on the salt flats.

Perhaps it is the fact that these wedge sandals have a reflexology inspired design with an ergonomic footbed and massage beads that will indulge your feet to a sigh of pleasure with every step you take.  Or maybe that the designers at Oka b. adapt current runway trends so that your feet will be a hit at even the most exclusive nightclubs.  Then again, maybe it is the fact that Oka b sandals are vegan, completely recyclable, AND made in the USA. Now that is just pure awesomeness.

But whatever it is, these rhinestone flip flops with their turquoise gems are certain to give you that jolt of happiness you long for.  Give them a try: either while parachuting, or just at your next summer beach party.  Love your feet, and your feet will make you as happy as jumping through air.