Home Staging Pitfalls to Avoid

Trying to sell a home is both a stressful and exciting experience. Many homeowners stage their home to make it appealing to potential buyers, but home staging isn’t always as simple as it sounds. Making mistakes is very easy, but don’t worry because they could be avoided. The following are common pitfalls to avoid:


1. Making Your Home Look Overly Personal:


Keeping or putting certain personal touches on the house is a good way to make your home feel more like you. But allowing your personal style influence the look of the property is better left for when you plan to live in it. To appeal to home buyers, you want to keep the home as neutral as possible. 


Pack up all of your personal items. Replace the wall of framed photos of family and relatives with a few neutral frames such as artwork. Let the people viewing the property for sale envision themselves in your house in a neutral space that is not influenced by your personal style. 


2. Trying to Cover up Major Defects in the House:


Without a doubt, there are specific home staging approaches a room needs, but you you should not try to hide ugly molds on the wall with a big piece of art. It’s not only being dishonest but you can also be legally held accountable for not revealing significant things when selling the house. It’s very tempting to use home staging to hide any major defects of your property. Repair any big defects and take advantage of home staging to maximize the overall look and appeal of an already adorable house.


3. Over-staging or Under-staging the Property: 


Consider purchasing or borrowing certain pieces to style the house if the rooms aren’t full enough. But do not overdo things. Otherwise, a space will look cluttered or worse than before you styled it. Keep everything neutral and simple. But if you have empty rooms in your property, it is very important not to leave them like so. An empty space could feel open, but cold at the same time. When potential buyers walk into a room, they want to imagine themselves cooking food in the kitchen, happily relaxing on the couch, or enjoying a warm bath in your master bath. But if a room is left empty, it leaves much to the imagination and many home buyers simply don’t have an easy time imagining. Stage or style any empty or open rooms so they look appealing and stylish, and will make people want to hang out in that certain area.


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