How I Lost 45 Lbs With Weight Watchers

I am a big believer in Weight Watchers, because I lost 45 lbs on the program. Here’s the top three reasons why Weight Watchers works, and what I did that helped it to work even better.

1. You can eat whatever you want. With Weight Watchers, you don’t have to eat specific kinds of foods or stick to a rigid diet plan. Instead, you calculate the “points” value of each food you consume. Initially you take a brief survey that tells you how many points you get to eat each day. As you go throughout your day, you track what you eat and add up the points, being careful to stay within the limit you’ve been given.

2. You can cheat a little bit. Each week Weight Watchers gives you 35 extra points to use whenever you need to cheat a little bit. This helps a lot when you have special meals to go to or when you eat out. If you go too far over, you can “earn” extra points by exercising.

3. You’re not expected to crash diet immediately. Weight Watchers starts you off at a set number of points, and as you lose weight (in 10 pound increments) you slowly start to reduce your number of daily points. This works much better because you take small incremental steps toward your goal instead of trying to starve yourself from the get-go.

As I started to lose weight on the program, I got motivated to do even more and get some exercise. I started slow, doing a few push ups and pull ups and sit ups each day. I slowly raised the level of exercise I was doing, and soon I started to lose weight very quickly. It wasn’t long before I reached my goal and lost 45 lbs.

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