How To Make Money With Amazon

I bumped into a young guy named Chris Guthrie over at the Warrior Forum about 2 months ago and I am fairly ecstatic that I did. Before I talk about Chris though I want to emphasis the importance of diversifying your income when it comes to making money on the net. If you are pursuing one or two streams of income and somethings happens to those 2 streams then you are down the creek without a paddle.

Having up to 6 streams though means you are still in the ball game if one or two fall over. For example, I have my fingers in a few pies such as selling my own products, affiliate sales, Adsense, CPA offers, selling advertising and leads and I do a bit of coaching and offline consuting. The beauty of this is that if, for instance, I lose my Adsense account for goofing up, my income is not overly affected due to the other streams coming in.

Which brings me to Chris Guthrie. I was reading a thread over at the forum about Amazon affiliate sales. Understand here that Amazon does not turn me on greatly for 2 reasons.

1. They only have a 24 hour cookie.
2. They only pay from 4% commissions which means on a $10 purchase you make the princely sum of 40 cents.

Apart from some very well known IM’ers like John Chow, I knew of no-one making substantial income from Amazon, until Chris chimed into the post over at the forum.

Chris earnt over 60K in 12 months with Amazon and 22K of that came in November and December. (Hence my post today to get ready for thet period). He shows proof of income too. he then goes on to tell us what works and what doesn’t. For example he says to use in content linking as opposed to widgets and banners.

He also says to:
Developing Top 10 lists works extremely well.
Make all graphics clickable to Amazon
Do not use Amazon stores
Target buyers and not lookers.

You guys that have been around the block a few times will understand this but after a while you get a feel for who the sharks are and who the legit guys are and Chris is certainly on the level. My trust factor goes up every time he talks because I get a feeling this guy knows his stuff.

Chris’s website, Niche Profit Course, has over 3 hours of video training on it right now so that you can start getting your Amazon income into the high bracket. Chris calls Amazon his “side business”. I say 60K a year as a side business is a no brainer.

Since hooking up with Chris my Amazon income has grown steadily. No at his level yet but with the simple techniques he teaches I know that my income will be 5 figures sooner rather than later.

Now onto the Amazon affiliate course.

He is going to share with you all the facets in obtaining this income. This information, which I am certain has not been told elsewhere, will give you the education and resources to begin generating your Amazon affiliate commissions into the level that you deserve.

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