Hummers And The Future Of SUV’s

Leaving the corporation and political wrangling surrounding the demise of Hummer production by General Motors just what exactly will the decline of the Hummer product and standing show with regards to the future of 4 wheel drive utility vehicles and SUV’s?  It is a marketplace that has devoted followers for the cars or trucks by fanatical followers of not just the make but also of particular Marques or versions, with the Hummer you can find individuals who adore the Hummer H1 more than the other types and can fervently argue the superiority in their particular style.  For a lot of SUV fans the Hummer signifies the total peak of off road trucks, in spite of in all probability a bigger following for vehicles such as Land Rovers there nonetheless exists an entire culture promoting the GM great.

Exactly why the Decline of the Hummer

Invariably most people will know the Hummer was based on the military Humvee off road truck, the pure weight and size of this vehicle ensured that gas consumption could not be a problem which raised concern.  Currently with gasoline rates at an all time high around the world and the common Hummer Gasoline Usage at way under 15 miles per gallon and as low as six with the average owner finding 10 to 12 miles per gallon it has changed into a genuine problem for civilian owners.  Additionally without thinking about the expenses of gas consumption you have the environmental effect of driving this kind of truck which damaged sales in a adverse manner.  With the eco-friendly movement gathering speed globally the justification for operating a six ton vehicle about the city gets to be more and more difficult for even the least ecologically responsible of motorists, this has lead a lot of the potential customers of Hummers to look in other places for their 4 x four thrills.

The other issues with Hummers that is without question a problem could be the large dimensions of them, searching for a car bay vast enough in many places is tough and the fact they weigh around six tons makes them theoretically against the law to drive on several streets.  In the last several years buying a Hummer has become emblematic of self-centeredness as well as greed and social irresponsibility resulting in many owners being bombarded just for driving a real fuel guzzling creature, with at least some violent incidents.

What of the Future of Hummers

During this writing it’s unlikely that a buyer is going to be found for the company, nevertheless this will likely simply serve to fuel the used sector,with having less new production vehicles fuelling the desire to possess a used one.  In common with numerous markets, cars can be more precious when an element of scarcity is created along with the tendency for more compact and hybrid cars continuing seeing a Hummer on our streets might be increasingly more extraordinary.  The market for Hummer Limousines will fuel this further as the more Pink Hummers used that way increases the scarcity and also the wish to own an original classic.  Despite the fact that there are numerous superior and more obtainable SUV’s available easily the Hummer has a really huge following that it will not disappear from our streets anytime soon.

Should I Buy A Hummer?

Should you be contemplating that question, the reply is probably no, go get a Land Rover instead, far better fuel intake, improved efficiency as well as better off road abilities and cost.  On the other hand in case you are an admirer of the vehicle and can accept the ecological questions of the car or truck then you’ll choose the Hummer irrespective of its inadequacies because as the old saying goes ‘love conquers all’.  The Hummer will now and in the foreseeable future continue to be an enigma and much loved and disliked in apparently equivalent numbers.