Hydroponics Guide for First-Time Growers

So you are planning to set up a hydroponics garden. But before you start, it is very important that you learn about hydroponics as much as you can. Hydroponics could be a complicated process, and having enough knowledge before you begin will make the entire process easier and more enjoyable.

Cuttings or Seeds? Are you going to use seeds or cuttings (or clones)? This is the first decision you ought to make. Seeds are economical and readily available, however, growth isn’t fast and they don’t always result in healthy plants. On the other hand, when you use cuttings (or clones), results are often better compared to the results offered by seeds. But they could also be susceptible to disease due to lack of diversity. If one cutting if affected by a particular disease, most likely it will spread to the rest of the cuttings. Sometimes trying both is the best thing to do. Find out which method works best in the type of hydroponic system you plan to establish.

Use the Right Equipment: Learn about the various types of hydroponic system and then decide which method you’d like to use. Weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each system. Are you going t use a hydroponic system which requires more money to set up but delivers greater yields? How much time and effort you can spend maintaining your garden?

The hydroponics system you like to set up will dictate the type of equipment you should obtain. Proper lighting is very important to the success of your hydroponics system. Unfortunately, you will not get best results if you use standard incandescent lights. Invest in high intensity discharge (HID) lights, and you will notice that plants are sprouting up faster than you expect.

The Growing Environment: One of the main advantages of gardening hydroponically is having complete control over the growing environment. Take advantage of this control. Know what humidity levels and temperatures are best for the types of crops you will grow. Improve carbon dioxide levels in your grow room and other aspects which involve ventilation or air circulation. Also, see to it that your grow room is not susceptible to diseases, pests, and insects.

How to Get Started: When you feel that you are ready to start gardening, don’t forget to have fun. Though it requires a lot of labour hours, hydroponic gardening is truly enjoyable to a person with a green thumb.

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