Information on Swine Flu Symptoms

Is what you have swine flu? The general population doesn’t realize that H1N1 Symptoms are just about the same as the standard influenza strain. The public hasn’t been informed properly on what to look for.

A lot of h1n1 flu illnesses haven’t been cause for alarm, this is especially true of adults with usual good health and fitness. Mild flu symptoms may signal H1N1, another type of influenza, or even an entirely distinct “flu-like” illness. Once again, the only sure way to recognize h1n1 swine flu is by blood test.

Like normal, H1N1 flu can cause neurological complications in children. Neurologic symptoms are rare, but, they can be very severe and often fatal. Sudden behavioral or cognitive changes can be symptoms. And seizures can be another one. It is still not known why these happen, although they may be caused by Reye’s syndrome. Aspirin should be avoided by children with a viral infection because this is linked to Reye’s.

We are just delivering information and not medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.