Investigate before starting a home business

Make a million before the end of the year!  Oh, no, “Run, Forest, Run!  Not another one! I don’t know about you, but all you need to remember is you need to do your homework.

Be prepared to investigate a home based business that you think you could do well at. Your choice of a company will depend on whether you are business oriented or product oriented or people oriented.  Just make sure and ask a lot of questions before jumping in to the next latest and greatest company such as:

  1. What is the business track record complying with laws of the USA and Internationally? 
  2. Any business under 5 years is risky.
  3. What kind of science is behind the product and has the company conducted independent research and studies as well?
  4. Who are the owners and those running the company?
  5. The following is personal advice from me…Binary programs, Force Matrixes, and One-up programs are hard to understand for many people and rarely are a long-term business.  People have lost a lot of money in them and 99% of them fail within the first 3 years.  They do not last, whereas a Uni-level program is much safer and lucrative in the long run.
  6. Call the Customer Service department to see how they handle calls.  Is it Out-Sourced or is it In-House?
  7. What are the requirements to be paid your commissions each month?
  8. What kind of marketing structure is available to help you succeed at the business?
  9. What kind of training? |What kind of support? |What are the resources and tools does the company have to help you be successful?}

The networking business over the past 10 years or so is gaining much more popularity and is gaining respect from people such as Robert T. Kiyosaki and Donald Trump in their book, “Why We Want You to Be Rich”.  I would suggest, do not go to the scam sites on the Internet.

Scam sites are really negative, I don’t like visiting them because I feel like there is nothing good to even start doing.  They are very negative people and have nothing to say good about anything except their site. 

Here is another way to make good income on the Internet.

Another way to make money is learning how to build profitable websites using affiliate programs such as Google Adsense, Amazon Affiliate program, Ebay Affiliate Network, and PayDot just to name a few.  Use an affiliate site and promote it in a personal review.

You can see some examples like these Alkaline Water or Market Samurai or in Japanese Secret.