Marketing Your Small Business

Discovering the Motivation to do it

At times, it is truly difficult to inspire yourself when you work from home. Most days I don’t have problems getting all of my work completed and keeping on task, yet these days I have found myself procrastinating a ton.

I personally believe it is due to the fact that while my Wrap Bracelets business is definitely profitable, I am not challenged sufficiently by it. Don’t get me wrong I still have a lot of jobs that I could be doing, but it is the stuff that I find to be unbelievably monotonous and mind-numbing. As an example marketing, I can’t stand advertising and marketing, nothing and I mean absolutely nothing regarding marketing and advertising myself or my Jewellery is appealing to me. I recognize this is a lousy attitude to have, and I have made an effort to put a positive spin on it but anytime I sit down to get a plan together my mind goes blank and I find something different to do. I’m sure I’d make a lot more income if I decide to put even just a 10th of the energy into merchandising. The benefits are not always instant, like when I produce a great new bracelet. So I feel like every that I do does not succeed.

I have got to find a way to market my bracelets because I am incredibly pleased with the work I do, and I really want buyers to see all of the thought and care that I put in my wrap bracelets. I want them to love wearing them as much as I love making them. To help motivate myself I’ll teach myself a different bracelet making process. It’ll give my customers more options and designs to choose from. As a bonus maybe it’ll get me fired up enough to market them by using the many marketing and advertising abilities that I have, but up to this point refuse to really apply. Come to think about it, even writing this post about my amazing procrastinating abilities has encouraged me a little bit.