Marketing Your Small Enterprise

Discovering the Determination to do it

At times, it is extremely hard to encourage yourself when you work from home. Most days I don’t have a problem getting all of my work completed and keeping on task, but recently I have found myself procrastinating a ton.

I believe it is because of the fact that while my Wrap Bracelet business is successful, I am not challenged enough by it. Don’t get me wrong I have lots of work I could be doing, but it is the stuff I have found to be really boring and tedious. For instance promoting and advertising, I detest promoting, nothing and I mean nothing concerning marketing and advertising myself or my Jewellery is interesting to me. I am aware this is a terrible attitude to have, and I have made an effort to put a positive spin on it but anytime I sit down to get a game plan together my head goes blank and I find something else to do. I am certain I’d have a whole lot more funds if I decide to put even just a tenth of the energy into promoting. The end results are not always immediate, like when I make a different bracelet. So I feel like every that I do doesn’t work.

I’ve got to find ways to showcase my bracelets because I am extremely proud of the work that I do, and I want everyone to see all the thought and attention that I put in my wrap jewellery. I want them to enjoy wearing them just as much as I like creating them. To help motivate myself My goal is to teach myself a different bracelet making method. It’ll provide my customers more options and designs to choose from. As a benefit maybe it will get me fired up enough to market them using the many marketing and advertising skills that I have got, but up to now will not seriously apply. Come to think of it, even crafting this article regarding my awesome procrastinating skills has stimulated me a little bit.