Maybe Jenny Craig?

Okay so What is the Hoopla on Jenny’s Plan?

This is a different diet because you are actually required to purchase Jenny’s own line of ‘cuisine’. With that, you eat other foods, such as fruits, vegetables and low fat dairy products. Then there are the essential grains and healthy fats that you will be consuming in this diet as well. You will be assigned a consultant to help with any questions and in choosing the right plan for you as well. You will have the advantage of having a professional help you all the way through and whenever you need it. he or she is there to go over the plan and to help you maintain your weight.

There is a Step by Step Process

Unlike some diets, this one is a little different. The consultant that you are assigned will actually go through a week by week program. your consultant will touch on certain subjects such as food, mind and body. This will go on for about four weeks. Then there will be a check up. This is when you will record all of the accomplishments since you first started. You will also go on to making new goals and discussing the next course of action. The consultant is not only there to counsel you but to also encourage and guide you through the entire program. The consultant is a mentor and a coach of sorts.

So What’s on the Menu? What’s Jenny Cooking Up For Us?

This is a diet where your primary foods are already prepared for you. You simply order them and voila! there you go, instant meals. Jenny’s foods are prepared special because there is a certain amount in each portion. Everything is counted already. Then there are also certain recipes that you can follow. Your consultant will guide you through these if you like. You are able to eat whole grains and low fat dairy products. Then, of course, let’s not forget the fruits and vegetables as well. There are even Jenny Craig snack portions as well.

There is a variety of foods, anywhere from a breakfast menu to snacks. They are all presorted for your convenience. They contain the correct amount of nutrients that your body needs. This makes it easier to prepare as well. This is good for those days when you just don’t have the time to prepare a big 5 course meal for the family. If you did, you wouldn’t have to worry about preparing your own special meal as it is already done for you.

To Jenny Craig or Not to Jenny Craig, that is the Question

First of all, there is a fee to even join. Not to mention the cost of food. That alone may make anyone shun the diet program. We never know if this particular diet will work for us until we go through it and pay all the fees that are attached to it. This will help you in the decision making process as well, I am sure. You should always consult with your doctor before choosing any diet. Your doctor knows your body just as well as (if not more than) you do. Consider all that is involved. The meetings and the consultations. A lot of people do not even have the time for this kind of diet. With work, car pooling, after school activities and all of the daily household chores, who has time to sit and chit chat about food and weight? Not too many people. The other side to that is whether or not you see the advantage of having a support system. That is a good thing. Are you willing to make your own special meals outside of the ones that you should be preparing for your family? Some people may find that very inconvenient. Be sure to discuss the pros and cons with your doctor. If you are in doubt, find some success stories that you can be inspired by.

There are other things to take into consideration before you decide that this will work. You will mostly need to go ahead and try it in order to know whether it will work for you. That is with all diets. If you are willing to pay the fee and pay for the meals, then this may be just the right diet for you. Consider the time that it will take just to get through the first stages. Most people want results NOW! Make your choice and let Jenny help you lose that weight! If your desire is to lose weight and keep it off with a good support system and to do whatever it takes, then the Jenny Craig diet may be the right one for you.

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