Milgo-Bufkin Performs Custom Fabrication Of Architectural Metal

Milgo-Bufkin Supplies Custom Fabrication Of Architectural Metal

Milgo-Bufkin is a top fabricator of custom metal and fine sculpture. It melds traditional artistry and leading-edge technology to change stainless steel, steel, aluminum, bronze, titanium, and other metals in virtually any finish into objects of beauty and usefulness. Regarding its Metal Laser Cutting services, it offers a complete range of two and three dimensions, rapid precision metal laser cutting of metal and non-ferrous materials. Its’ laser system is CNC controlled for accurate cutting. The Organization provides its services for high precision metal laser cutting & engraving and other projects.

Milgo-Bufkin is also a leading fabricator of Column Covers and provides ornamental metal column covers. This is to fulfill the requirements of designers, architects, as well as engineers. The Organization is capable of creating column covers to clients’ specifications to provide traditional and in addition innovative, completely new designs. It manufactures column covers in a client’s choice of color, metal, size, style, and finish. It is set up to execute limited special orders and long runs for column covers.

Milgo-Bufkin provides a complete array of sheet metal services. These services include painting, polishing, welding, punching, rolling, bending, cutting, as well as metal bending. Regarding Custom Metal Bending, it employs Air Bending, Bottoming, Coining, as well as V, U Die, and Flange Bending to deliver clients’ projects most efficiently and cost-effectively. It can accommodate massive production runs plus individual prototypes. It will work from a client’s shop drawings. In addition, it will work with a client from their sketches.