Pay For Performance SEO

There are millions of websites on the internet today, every company in your industry has one and everyone wants top search engine positions. Unless your pages can be found within the first 30 search engine results you are heading for obscurity along with the billions of other pages that make up the ‘invisible web’.  Working with a Professional SEO Company can save you from this obscurity. 

The current recession in the UK means it is more crucial than ever that prospective online customers find your pages, that your marketing message is heard and they complete the goals you have set out for them rather than those of your competitors. However while marketing budgets are getting slashed it can be difficult to justify an investment in SEO that might not show any return for 6 months or more.

Search engine optimisation is expensive, it takes time and no professional optimiser will guarantee rankings. SEO, on the face of it, sounds like a risky investment. The SEO industry, like any other, has had to adapt to the recessionary climate and more SEO companies are offering a Pay For Performance solution. Pay for Performance SEO means that you pay nothing until pre arranged campaign goals have been achieved.

Rather than pay a large upfront payment the SEO campaign is broken down into key strategic steps and a price set for each step. For example some key steps in achieving a first page ranking for a highly prized keyword might include:

  • Rewriting HTML code for efficiency and standards compliance
  • Eliminating problematic URLs
  • Editing page copy and writing effective calls to action
  • Link building

Depending on the campaign specifics there are many other objectives that might need to be met in order to ensure success. The above steps take into account the mechanics of a SEO campaign and promote transparency on the side of the SEO Company.